BOGE for the marine sector

BOGE Compressors has launched a new range of solutions for the marine sector.

This meets the market’s demand for the reliable delivery of compressed air and nitrogen, while enduring long and harsh operating conditions at sea.

The new BOGE SRH-/RH-starting air piston compressors provide a constant supply of compressed air up to 35 bar to start up diesel engines. Each compressor has a compact design and delivers excellent performance in high ambient temperatures ranging up to 45°C – making it ideal for use in humid and confined machine rooms on ships where space is often limited. The compressors run at low speeds and are assembled using high quality materials to ensure an exceptionally long life cycle, minimal maintenance and maximum reliability.

BOGE has also made available to the marine sector its S3 series of screw compressors, which have proven to be extremely reliable onshore. The compressors feature BOGE’s innovative ‘effilence’ airends and are the perfect source of compressed air for on-board maintenance and repair work. The reliable and efficient operation of the compressors in this series ensure idle periods for machinery servicing and repairs are kept to a minimum, enabling ship operators to keep costs associated with these tasks as low as possible.

Nitrogen is also an essential resource on-board ship. As well as preventing methane-emitting freight from causing damage to cargo tanks, ships require nitrogen on-board to keep the dew point of its liquefied gas (LPG) fuel to minus 40°C. The BOGE nitrogen generators in the marine range provide a consistent supply to achieve this and prevent the gas from reacting with water vapour.

Commenting on the new marine range, Mark Whitmore, General Manager at BOGE Compressors, explained: “We have developed all of the solutions in this range to excel in the harsh operating conditions commonly found in marine applications. They meet strict maritime shipping requirements and are fully certified as such. These solutions are also plug-and-play, so installation and setup can be completed within normal berthing times, making them ready to use immediately.”


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