Gourmate Value

Want to keep your business be profitable and growing? The cost-effective way is using GourmateValue system to retain your guests and encourage them spending more in your restaurants. Greatly help you to optimize your business operation and profit with minimal investment.


Keep Your Business Profitable and Growing

Issuing more prepaid cards means more sales volume is ensured from fluctuating economic environment. Moreover, it can retain your current guests to consume in your restaurants instead of competitors and most current guests would come with their friends. That means your new guests base would keep growing. As a result, your total revenue would keep increasing


Ease of Use

Obviously, those prepaid cards are simple and easy to use. With the GourmateValue card, your guests can enjoy any entertainment and meal without bringing any cash or credit card. Whats more, they can give the card to their maids to let their children stay in the club.


Improve Operation Efficiency

With GourmateValue cards, no money handling is required for each cash payment. Guest just need to "Touch and Go". Therefore it would improve the accuracy of payment and reduces your staff’s workload and pressure during peak hours.


Improve Your Brand Image

Merchant� can set the card value, expiry date and design our own cards � to suit your brand image. Moreover, issuing your own professional cards, guests would remember your brand whenever they see your company logo in their wallet. Your brand awareness and image increase.


Launch More Cost Effective Campaigns

Reports are always useful for further business analysis and development. Various reports are generated by GourmateValue system including payments collected by cards o from each outlet, each cards transaction value and its remained value etc. Then you can base on guest spending pattern to launch more cost-effective campaigns to boost your sales.