Portable Restaurant POS Solution

Fast & convenient instant ordering

Operator can make use of GourmateMobile to take order for guests. This intelligent device supports various ordering functions. It allows waiter to search food items by category, description or even create new item. Operators can also modify food items according to guest tastes all within just a few touches.

Operators can view the whole check details and reconfirm the order with guests. Then they can send food order to the kitchen printer and POS system via Wi-Fi directly. Meanwhile, they may also print the guest check at the printer. The whole operation flow can be streamlined thus increase the turnover rate of tables.

Assign seat number for items

Service staff can assign seat number for ordered items according to the guest seat. It is most suitable for fine dining exceptional service standard.

Parking order

GourmateMobile supports parking order temporarily when wireless network is not available in some area like private room. Several orders can be sent at a time when wireless network is ready again. The speedy and reliable ordering system improves restaurant operation by using wireless technology.

Interface with GourmateMenu

GourmateMobile can interface with GourmateMenu, which can give a greater impression to the customers. GourmateMenu shows quality photo images and description of the food; stimulate the appetite of the customers. Operators can synchronize the pre-order from GourmateMenu to GourmateMobile via Wi-Fi for review and modify order, further reduce mistakes occur, increase satisfaction of the guests.

High security and scalability

All the programs and data will be saved in the server for security. Even the hardware fails, table or check data would not be lost. This ensures data integrity and operation will not be affected. The iOS based device allows future development on the application; makes the investment to be more valuable.

Reliable & user friendly interface

GourmateMobile is easy to install and operate. Ordering panel is user definable. It supports multiple branches and meal periods. Restaurant can set the menus and the price on the system; operators will just need to download the program data from the web server to start using the device. Operating panel can be switched to different languages, overcome the language barriers.

Merchant Benefits

- Reduce ordering time

- Increase accuracy of the ordering

- Streamline the operation flow

- Increase the turnover rate of table

Customer Benefits

- Reduce wrong and missing order

- Time saving: Customers do not need to wait for the staff to jot down food order

- Enjoy great dining experience and personalized service