Reservation & Table Management System

No Missed Reservation

When customers call in to make reservation, the call can be connected to the centralized team hence all reservations can be handle at once.

Share Member Profile Across Outlets

Members Profile can be shared across outlets of an individual corporation. The member profile function can let you track behavioral traits of your guests. Members picture can also be stored in the members profile, so your receptionist will be able to indentify your guest and make personal greetings on their anniversary, such as birthday and wedding anniversary.

SMS and E-mail Function

GourmateTable¬ supports SMS and E-mail notification function. Once guest arrived at the restaurant, SMS will be sent to the manager, so they can come and greet their guests on the floor. Finally an e-mail would be sent to the guests once they finished dinner to express gratitude.

Other features included:

  • Interface with POS and Maximize Profit
  • East Editable Floor Plans (Ad-hoc)
  • Multi-Floor Plan
  • Analytical Report
  • Better Management and Profit Maximilization